Thursday, December 8, 2016

I didn't know I needed that!

Doohickey.  Thingamajig.  Whatchamacallit.   No matter what you call it, we all have gadgets that sit in the drawer or on the shelf, but some gadgets are must haves for needleworkers.   

One gadget that belongs in every knitter's and crocheter's bag is Susan Bates Knit Chek. This is a tool that measures length, gauge and hook and needle size.  
Every stitcher NEEDS this tool.   

Highlighter tape is my #1 need when I'm knitting .  The tape keeps my place in the pattern, is removable and reusable.  The tape comes in several colors, so, if need be, one can use different colors for different sections of the pattern.  It is much easier to use than other markers and keeps your pattern clean.  It is an inexpensive and fun way to keep your eyes on track.    

Speaking of markers, every knitter uses stitch markers to keep her/his sanity.  Those plain round stitch markers do the job, but why not choose something entertaining to keep your place.  Paradise makes many charming markers.  This is a sampling of styles we carry: 

One must keep track of rows in most knitting/crochet
projects Stitchers do this is many ways, from check 
marks on the pattern to various tools.  Our favorite
counting gadget is this finger counter.  Put it on 
your ring finger, and knit away.  This handy counter
will help you keep track through countless interruptions!                                                                          


Quilters also need many gadgets.  Anyone who sews will appreciate this Grabbit magnetic pincushion.  If you've ever dropped a handful of pins on the floor, you know you NEED this tool.  You can sweep those stray pins right back to the Grabbit.


Are you challenged and frustrated every time you attempt to thread a needle?  If so, you need a Needle Beetle. This handy little gadget grabs your thread in a retractable wire and guides it into the needle eye.  It's a one handed operation, and, with a small light, it is indispensable for anyone with needle threading issues.



Everyone needs "That Purple Thang"!  It pushes, pokes, prods and makes up its own uses!
These gadgets are not all essential, but they will make your projects easier and more fun to create.  They also make great Christmas stocking stuffers for crafters.  If you need more ideas, send your personal Santa to the Stitchin' Den to shop at our Christmas Stocking Stuffer Buffet.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Fibonacci Day!

The calendar listing funny, weird and wonderful holidays tells me today, November 23rd, is the birthday of Leonardo Fibonacci.  Who is Fibonacci?  

   Some scholars refer to him as the greatest European mathematician of the Middle Ages.  I must admit I did not learn about Fibonacci in an advanced math class.....I learned about him in Ravelry!  More about that in a minute...

Leonardo is famous for discovering the Fibonacci "Sequence of Numbers".  This number sequence often appears in nature and also appears in music, art and fashion design.  The numbers in this sequence are characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding numbers.  An example:

                            0, 1 ,2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 ,55 ,89, 144....

This sequence can begin with any number and go on indefinitely. Each number is the sum of the two preceeding numbers.   Anyone with fundamental arithmetic skills can begin and complete this sequence for a stripe pattern.  When the numbers are made into a spiral, you will see them in nature in pinecones, daisies, etc.  You will see that spiral in many works of art.

     Fib.  spiral.jpg             pinecone.jpg

In the beginning of my post, I told you I learned about Fibonacci in Ravelry.  It happened like this: I searched  for a felted bag made of several colors of yarn and found "It Felt Random Bag"         it felt random bag.jpgThe pattern refers the reader to a link for "The Random Stripe Generator". This app has you input your colors and the allowed width of stripes and creates a simulation of what your finished product will look like.  This can be used to create stripe patterns for scarves, blankets, shawls, quilts, etc.  That led me to The Fibonacci Sequence which provides a very easy mathematical way to design
a striping pattern.  Here is the link if you want to play.

How to celebrate Fibonacci Day?   We suggest  this is the day to dig out yarns of different colors and design yourself a new scarf, shawl or blanket using the Fibonacci Sequence.   You will be surprised how easy it is to create your own designs with this mathematical twist! Or, if you would like a preview of your project, go to the "Random Stripe Generator" on Google.  Do you just want to see some knit designs?  Search for Fibonacci in Ravelry.

Have a wonderfully "stripey" experience.  Happy Fibonacci Day!

Monday, November 7, 2016

November Specials

When you enter our store, you will notice a different display each month.  This display introduces our color and project of the month.  Why do we do this?  Two reasons:  the beautiful display of yarn, threads, baskets, buttons welcome our customers and introduce them to samples of items eligible for a discount.  Customers are inspired by this display, and they immediately know the featured color and project.  

This month our customers will save 10% off anything green...threads, yarn, buttons, and more.  Also, save 10% on all materials and patterns to knit or crochet slippers. 
The nights are getting colder (it's been 18 degrees the past two nights), making my thoughts turn to a pair of warm, cozy slippers. Wouldn't slipping your feet into a pair of these feel awesome at the end of the day or as you slip out of bed in the morning?  Our featured pattern is this quick to knit,  and will make much appreciated gifts for friends and family.  

We think  Lamb's Pride Bulky would knit up beautifully in this "Non Felted Slipper"  pattern.   Order online here.  

Picture the infant in your life wearing a pair of these slippers on Christmas morning:These slippers are felted and available in sizes 0-9 months and feature a bunny, mouse or puppy version.   Order online here.

Come in and we will help you find the perfect yarn for this project.
We carry many other patterns for slippers. 

Dare I mention...47  knitting days until Christmas?  Happy Knitting!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Are you looking for a new and different stitch to add texture to your next project?  The Clove Stitch might be just what you have in mind.  It is a simple stitch based on multiples of 4:

Row 1: (WS) *(k1,yo,k1) into same st, p3tog
Row 2: *p1, k3
Row 3: *p3tog, (k1,yo,k1) into same st
Row 4: *k3, p1

Repeat these 4 rows for the Clove Stitch pattern.  Here’s a close-up of the stitch:

Ravelry has a couple of free patterns which use this stitch.  Try the Clove Stitch Carnation or the Clove Stitch Scarf:

Clove Stitch Carnation
Clove Stitch Scarf


Teegan Sweater
The Teegan Sweater is a beautiful example of using the Clove Stitch in a large piece.  The Clove stitch forms a panel in the front, back and down the sides of the sleeves of this lovely sweater.  Learn to knit this sweater
beginning October 13th. Sign up now if you are interested. 

Are you ready to try this stitch?  Here’s a You Tube to help get  you started.

Have fun knitting, and remember…it’s all about the stitch!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hello World!

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